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Sig Definition

A Signature is a 21st century workforce-relevant theme around which curricula, job shadowing, mentoring, co-curricular clubs, college courses, and internships are crafted. With a unique theme at each high school, Signature Programs are designed to excite, engage and prepare students for college and careers.


Global Citizenship at its BEST!




Arundel high school students were presented with a powerful opportunity to share a cultural experience, with students from Sagaminhara, Japan.  During the one week exchange, students were able to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities to complement the daily events of the American student.  The Art and FACS departments both sponsored after school activities and the National Social Studies Honor Society helped make them feel at home when they hosted a luncheon.  The relationships formed between the Arundel and Japanese students were both enriching and powerful to witness!

The experience this past week was truly the experience of a lifetime.  Both hosts and exchange students had a great time and were able to absorb each others cultures along the way. 

Additionally, thank you to the Step Team, Dance Ensemble, and Chorus programs for their support at the Welcome Ceremony!! 


Our Mission

The Signature Program at Arundel High School educates all students to the highest standards and transforms their educational experience to create passionate, engaged, future workers of a glocal community. 



Why do our students LOVE the Community Development and Global Citizenship program at Arundel?

"I love signature because I have met so many new people and have gotten super involved in my local community"  -Riley Pack, Senior

"Signature is an amazing class that has given me endless opportunities to give back to my community" -Cameron Chewning, Sophomore

"I like signature because we are all one big family and nobody is judged. All ideas and opinios are open for free discussion" -Doug Nettles, Senior

"I love it because I get to learn about other cultures and world problems unlike in any other class" -Sarah Berry, Sophomore


Signature News

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